Pitch for a Game Mechanic

Mechanic: Ability that allows a character/player to play a guitar on a staff and rap to locate and open doors to sealed off areas to gather hidden crystals in an open world game.

Info: Using a specific ability causes ethereal/magical guitar strings and knobs to appear over the equipped staff, allowing the player to play the guitar by matching displayed keys on screen with ones on their keyboard. This also causes a verse/half a verse of a rap to be sung once a correct button has been clicked.

A certain percentage of completed button presses opens part of a seal, to fully open the door you must complete progressively harder songs/parts of songs in succession, one after the other. If you fail one song, you can either leave and come back or retry that specific song. Your progress for the other parts of the seal are saved.

If you are not at a seal, completing a verse/riff by activating the ability pings your mini-map, the more you complete in quick succession the more frequent and accurate the pings are. These pings help locate sealed off areas and other special locations.

This is a reaction time based mini-game incorporated into an ability within a larger open world environment.

Once the seal has been fully unlocked, the door opens and the player is allowed to collect their reward, which may be a piece of loot, a buff or an upgrade crystal. Upgrade crystals allow players to upgrade specific stats, abilities, unlock cosmetic items and new songs/song combinations.

Reasoning: Like the other two posts regarding pitches, the inspiration for these came from a social task. The five answers agreed upon to be used were GTA V, Breaking Bad, Rapping, Medieval Fantasy and Metal, Rock + Punk.

The idea for the use of a staff came from the Medieval Fantasy answer, while the magical/ethereal guitar was inspired by both Metal, Rock + Punk and Medieval Fantasy. The rap part of the mechanic is from the Rapping topic. The crystals came from Breaking Bad and the open world element as well as the map was inspired by GTA V.

Demographic/Target Audience: The people that this mechanic is suited towards are those that have either experience with musical games/music, MMOs and adventure games as well as those who enjoy the collectible and mini-game/quicktime elements of games.

Images for Visual Reference:

Guitar strings will be super imposed over the currently equipped staff, with customizable magical effects to the strings.

Other Induction posts regarding pitches:




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