Pitch for a Pixar Style Animation

Pitch/Story line: Medieval knights/squires venture forth into a dangerous mountain range, trying to find a sacred song/verse (rap) that will heal their musical king who resides on a beach, having abandoned his usual throne in his sea-side castle because of a sudden illness.

Characters: The characters will be stylised to adhere to the ‘Pixar Style Animation’ part of the brief. A decently sized cast of characters is needed, with the king and 2-4 other main characters. Several stereotypes may be put into use, as well as an underdog. One character, who is shy, would overcome their fear of singing to an audience by completing an act of bravery. That character would then go back and heal the king. (Character is perhaps a relative of the king.)

Locations: Fantastical and stylised vistas, mountains, castles, coastlines and villages are a few possible locations (all CGI/Matte Painting). A strong use of colour and mood is important and should change according to the plot points throughout the movie.

The locations themselves would be heavily fantasy inspired with large mountains, sprawling castles and large open vistas. Each location will have a distinctive colour palette.

Info: A group of stylised 3D characters with relatable personalities that are communicated through dialogue, body types, expressions and actions embark upon a journey to find and learn an ancient song (rap) to help heal their king, who has a mysterious illness. The king is too weak to play his guitar, so he sits slumped on his throne and stares out into the distance with his guitar by his side.

A possibility exists that an antagonist would be revealed, who poisoned the king and tries to stop the group of heroes in the mountains. He/she is perhaps a relative to the king/his heir or a rival king/queen.

Elements of friendship, character development and lessons to be learnt will be woven into the story. To make sure it is child friendly, violence will be kept to a minimum and if there is some, it would be comical. The way conflicts would be resolved is through singing and teaching valuable lessons.

The journey would be akin to the journey Frodo and the fellowship takes in Lord of the Rings; travelling across a large distance and encountering challenges and obstacles along the way. Eventually the characters would accomplish something major, learn an important lesson and get the song/rap as a reward. They would then return to their ill king on his beach throne. The movie ends with either a sunset or sunrise and the group on the beach singing/rapping to their king as he heals in the glowing light. (A sunrise would most likely be used, the group would return early morning/late at night and make their way to the beach. They would sing to their king while he wakes up with the sunlight sweeping up across the beach and towards the king.)

Reasoning: Like the previous pitch, this pitch for an animation is based off of five answers received during a social task. The five answers were GTA V, Breaking Bad, Rapping, Medieval Fantasy and Metal, Punk + Rock.

The main influence for this story line is Medieval Fantasy of which inspired the setting. The elements of illness were influenced by disease, which is a major part of Breaking Bad. For the king, Metal, Punk, Rock, Rapping and Medieval Fantasy was combined to create a music-orientated king who plays the guitar. The rapping also inspired a major plot point of the story: the song the group is trying to learn to heal their ill king.

Where Grand Theft Auto V comes in is in regards to the beach location, something quite prevalent in Los Santos, the main city in GTA V.

The reason that the movie is meant to be in 3D, be child-friendly and teach valuable lessons is because of the style of animation that is supposed to be achieved. Pixar’s animation style isn’t just in regards to the visuals, it also includes the stories, the themes, the characters, their personalities and how they interact.

Demographic/Target Audience: The target audiences for this animation are teens and young adults, so 13-20 year olds. The plot is emotional enough to appeal to older viewers and the content and maturity levels are more directed towards the younger viewers. This, among many other factors, will ensure that many people of different ages will find the film to be entertaining and satisfactory.

Images, Visuals and Music:

Sunrise: Very important part in the final scene/s, creates an interesting colour palette as well as mimics the king waking up. The sun itself might be perceived as his eye, opening as well to see his kingdom again in a new light. As the sunlight stretches across the beach, the king wakes up. Once the sunlight passes his eyes, he opens them.


Mountains: They journey into the mountains while in sunlight. The light becomes darker and more ins and outs of light/shadows occur as they adventure further into the mountains.


They enter the dangerous part of the mountains during sunset.


They complete their tasks during the sunset/night and begin their journey home beneath the stars.


Mountain range can be seen in the distance from the beach, the sunlight hitting it.

Beach, Castle and Throne: The castle is further away from where the king’s throne would be, which is atop a sand dune, perhaps flanked by rocks and tidal pools.The beach throne itself will be made from sand, sea shells and stone/s. The water would transition from turbulent and stormy to calm and relaxed when the group returns back with the song.

The beach would be a long expanse with stylised dunes, rocks and tidal pools flowing and curving into the main castle at the end of a peninsula or outcropping of rock. (Possibly towers dotted along the beach by rocks, outcrops and cliffs.)

Music: Fantasy adventure music will be used for a large portion of the animation, such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkpG-_v0yPc

Final song will be a rap with a similar mood/feeling to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WTtz0rpYAk

Extra Notes: During the final song, the king plays his guitar once he wakes up while the rest of the group join in on the song.

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