Adjustment Layer Exercises – Photoshop

We learnt how to use Hue/Saturation and Levels adjustment layers. We also learnt how to use the Colour layer mode.

We used these layers to adjust the colours and value structure of the wine bottles image.

A combinations of masks and selections were used to isolate various parts of the images so that we were able to alter the colour and values of the car and wine bottle images. We also changed the background of the car image to black and white using a layer set to saturation and filled with black. The colour layer blending mode as well as various adjustment layers were used in regards to changing the colours and values of the two images.

A screenshot is included to show the layer structure, adjustment layers and masking experimentation.

The use of adjustment layers and layer settings is something that I have some experience in so this exercise was not too difficult although it was informative to see and experience different workflows and methods that make use of those layers/settings.

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