Illustrator Font/Type and Shape Experimentation

These are various experiments with tools and text inside Illustrator. The first image shows the use of shapes creating with the pen tool and then edited using nodes and the method of cutting into a shape with another (method is mentioned in a previous post).




This image is evidence of the experimenting with text in Illustrator. We edited and changed various variable regarding the font and type. Font being the design of the letters and type encompassing the italicisation, bold effect, underlining, size (point), alignment (left, centre, right), line spacing, and word and letter kurning (spacing). The leading is the space in-between the lines of text.

To be able to edit text you must open up the Character tool via Window -> Type -> Character.


Here we selected an interesting font and then edited the individual letters. To be able to do so we did this: Select letter -> object -> expand -> edit and manipulate the letter. This allows you to edit the text in a way where it functions as a vector shape. This means that you can manipulate the nodes of the shape to deform and change it however you want as if you were editing a regular vector shape.



Illustrator and the Line Tool

We learnt how to use and manipulate the line tool via re-creating an image of  rubber ducky. rubber_ducky_pen_tool

We also used our knowledge of the pen tool to create these Olympic logos (wip). The Barcelona logo was difficult in regards to getting the right shape and edge quality. Even though the exact same colour was selected the stroke’s colour (which affected the edge quality) was different from the fill’s colour. Getting the right shape was difficult as the pen tool can be quite finicky.



Illustrator Intro

We recently learn how to use Illustrator. We learn how to use the shape tool, line tool, pen tool and various theory relating to Illustrator and graphic design in general.


We re-created the Swiss flag while learning how to use rulers, grids, the shape tool and the pen tool.


We re-created various logos while expanding upon what we previously learnt.

Using Illustrator was initially a bit challenging as I am more accustomed to Photoshop so working with vectors was relatively new to me.

We have also learnt how to use more tools and how to duplicate, group, cut into and edit shapes. We learnt how to cut into shapes using the pathfinder tool and this the result of the initial exercise involving the pathfinder tool. It is quite a fun tool to experiment with. We created a large circle and then a multitude of smaller shapes above that circle. We grouped the smaller shapes and then selected both those groups of smaller shapes and the large circle. We then proceeded to use the pathfinder tool to cut into the original large circle to create interesting patterns and visuals.


Here are some of the flags we reproduced as well as an exercise where we had to create a shopping basket using shapes, duplication, grouping and the pathfinder tool. The South African flag was difficult and the use of rulers, grids and layering was a useful way to re-create the flag although it was challenging at first trying to figure out how to get the various shapes to line up and layer correctly. The grid and guides/rulers helped with the challenging task of getting the angles to align properly.


We have also experimented with creating logos for our own personal ‘brands’. I used my initials RN and the use of lines to create abstract and simplified logo designs. Triangles, implied lines and negative space were used to help create  striking and simple logo designs.