Visual Studies – First few weeks of Homework

So far most of the work we have been doing in Visual Studies is observational with some experimentation with different media (ink). We have done both life-drawing observational work as well as studies of drawings from images.

We started out with drawing a plastic dinosaur from life using pencils, no eraser and a drawing board with paper taped to it.



We then proceeded to experiment with textures and mark-making by creating texture squares.



A close up view of part of a plastic dinosaur was then done. I am a bit of a perfectionist so that holds me back in regards to finishing in time so working on my efficiency (balance of quality and quantity/speed) will help me finish on time.


After that we were assigned to do studies of artwork from an artist who works in the game industry. (see images for notes)

Reference images first (Credit of the images used for reference go to

My studies:

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We have also done studies of Seurat’s work, paying attention to the transition of values/tone, contrast and mark making. I enjoyed these studies, they posed a nice challenge and required me to push my values further, getting dark darks and light lights and good mid tones/transitions etc. (which is something I need to work on).


We experimented with ink using blunt pencils and pieces of cardboard as rulers, looking at the angles of a garlic and a nut from life. The challenge was to draw with ink using only straight lines (hence the ‘ruler’).





Photoshop Layer, Brushes and Eraser Exercises

We drew/painted an elephant and then either a cat or a dog while learning how to use the brush tool and eraser. The challenge was to use only a single layer.

Elephant (done using a mouse):


Since we were only using one layer and a mouse, I made use of various selections and low opacity soft brushes to paint the elephant. To get the silhouette I initially made large brush strokes and then erased away to get the right shape/s, the second time making the elephant I used the polygonal lasso tool.

Cat (done using a Wacom tablet):


For the cat drawing I used a Wacom tablet and a combination of the brush tool and the eraser.

Update: We have also learnt how to crop, edit destructively and edit non-destructively using the healing brush tool.