Digital Development of Elements for Poster Assignment

(reference images found online)


The images of the rule of thirds and golden spiral were .png images that I found online. These composition grids helped to inform my layouts.

I initially used the pen tool with a series of rulers to help replicate the silhouettes that I desired for my posters. I experimented with the use of various individual shapes combined and grouped together for some of the more complicated silhouettes. In conjunction with cutting into the silhouette itself using other shapes, that method proved to be useful.

Using the Pathfinder tool’s Minus Front option allowed me to cut into the silhouettes with other shapes. The method is thus: Select both silhouette and shape above the silhouette (this shape being the one you want to cut with)-> group them together -> click Minus Front in the Pathfinder Tool menu. Creating the circular holes in the silhouettes enabled me to further develop my graphical approach to these designs.

I managed to created a series of modular shapes and silhouettes for later use in the development of my poster designs and layouts. I also included the required text, as well as the logo for the festival on this sheet. This helped enable efficient ideation and allowed me to create multiple designs rather quickly.