Film Noir Evaluation


For our Film Noir Assignment, we were tasked (in groups) to shoot and act out given scenes, with each group being assigned different scenes of which all tie together to create a cohesive story. Once each individual group had shot their scenes, they were then to be shared and edited by each group, applying a greyscale filter and various adjustments.

Our group started by discussing our given scene, figuring out who would be delegated what work and how we were going to accomplish this task. Firstly, a storyboard was created, of which informed our shoot. We decided on our actor, camera operator/s, and director/s, then moving onto shooting, of which consisted of a free-form series of shot selections informed by the storyboard, as well as our knowledge of and research into Film Noir/cinematography.

We worked as a team when it came to filming and directing, giving and receiving feedback and making use of our limited time on the set. Once we had recorded all that we needed, we moved onto editing our own scene, of which was then distributed with the other’s groups clips.

Upon receiving all the footage, we moved onto editing both the visuals and audio, attempting to create a suspenseful narrative through the use of shot selection and audio effects, distorting the voice of the actor in order to create a wind-like audio effect in the background, helping to connect scenes and create tension when needed. The cuts between scenes, with voices overlaid over choice shots, helped create a cohesive narrative and story, aided by the aforementioned audio connections.

A black and white filter was then placed over the footage, with adjustments to the values and contrast as well, helping to create the Film Noir vibe created through the subject matter, delivery, editing, and story.