Illustrator Font/Type and Shape Experimentation

These are various experiments with tools and text inside Illustrator. The first image shows the use of shapes creating with the pen tool and then edited using nodes and the method of cutting into a shape with another (method is mentioned in a previous post).




This image is evidence of the experimenting with text in Illustrator. We edited and changed various variable regarding the font and type. Font being the design of the letters and type encompassing the italicisation, bold effect, underlining, size (point), alignment (left, centre, right), line spacing, and word and letter kurning (spacing). The leading is the space in-between the lines of text.

To be able to edit text you must open up the Character tool via Window -> Type -> Character.


Here we selected an interesting font and then edited the individual letters. To be able to do so we did this: Select letter -> object -> expand -> edit and manipulate the letter. This allows you to edit the text in a way where it functions as a vector shape. This means that you can manipulate the nodes of the shape to deform and change it however you want as if you were editing a regular vector shape.