Low Poly Bird


We used a series of actions and the polygonal lasso tool to create a low poly bird. The way we achieved this effect was via a series of actions in this hierarchy:

Average_Fill (F1)

-> Layer Via Copy

->Set Selection

-To transparency channel


->Set Selection

-To: none

-> Select layer “Background”

-Without Make Visible

What this does is take the selection, in this case a triangular selection made using the polygonal lasso tool in conjunction with grids and snap to, and average out the colour information of the selected area. For this to work effectively you must make sure the points of the subsequent triangles after the first one match up and that you have the layer with the image selected when executing the action.

Image used to create the low poly bird:


Each triangle creates a new layer and the trick is to make the triangles reflect the planes of the bird, causing it to look 3D. The problem is is that you need to match up the points of the triangles as well as use varying sizes of triangles for different areas detail and non-detail.

Once the bird itself was completed a background of green was put in with a radial gradient of white/light de-saturated green was put in behind the bird’s head to help establish a focal point.