Reference and Inspiration

Mood and Detail Boards to help with ideation and development:

(images found online and compiled in Photoshop)


These images helped to inform the subject matter and mood/atmosphere of my poster designs.

Poster Inspiration:

(images found online)

These posters helped to inform the design direction that I wanted to take for this assignment.

Font Inspiration:

(images found online)

I was moving towards a more Art Deco tall and elegant styled font, these were some fonts that helped inspire my font exploration.

Colour Reference:

I used Adobe Kuler to help establish colour palettes to inform and inspire my colour exploration and experimentation.



I used the combination of images of the real life architecture in London in conjunction with the design direction of the reference posters that pushed forward a graphical layout to create an engaging clarity. This direction of simplifying the real life architecture using simple shapes and interesting layouts appealed to me, so I decided to explore this further in my own sketches within my sketchbook for this project.

Later on, I decided to experiment with a different direction, this one being more perspective heavy and more traditionally inspired by architecture. I used the reference of the buildings I gathered and compiled earlier to choose my subject matter, settling on using the Elizabeth Tower I moved onto the creation of the poster after gathering some more specific reference.


Architecture Poster Mood and Reference Boards

We have recently started our first assignment, the task being that we must design a poster for the London Festival of Architecture. There are four tasks in total, with a progression from research and ideation to development and presentation. This project will help teach us how to make use of the design process, the skills we have learnt in Photoshop and Illustrator, and utilise our own creativity to design a unique and striking poster design.

The first step is to research architecture and famous buildings  from London, creating a moodboard to help inspire our designs. This is the moodboard that I created in class, I particularly like the bold, saturated colours in the black, red and blue London Eye image, that combined with the bottom left and top right images could create an interesting mood.


Next we found interesting forms and shapes to help inform the designs that we will be creating for our posters.